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A Twelve Studio
Beta 1.4.1 对于Android
7月 18, 2024
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5.1 and up
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Get the newest edition of the Granny Series - Granny 5 - Time To Wake Up APK and test your abilities whether you're ready for an incredible escape adventure.

If you're willing to take on a challenge, you'll love this intriguing game. Unquestionably one of the most enjoyable and amazing horror games you'll ever play, offering several hours of pleasure.

Use your abilities to get away from your grandmother and her infant. You've played a lot of horror games, thus you are probably familiar with the Granny series.

Granny 5 APK Time To Wake Up latest Version allows you to enjoy yourself immensely. Take on an amazing journey and sense the truth of the circumstance.

About Granny 5 - Time To Wake Up APK

A spine-tingling horror smartphone game called Granny 5: Time to Wake Up tests your ability to escape. You are a guest in an abandoned hotel and must use cunning and strategy to escape the ruthless Granny and her family through two challenging levels. For fans of horror, this game delivers a memorable and horrifying challenge, with new puzzles, objects, adversaries, and animations added regularly.

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You awaken to find yourself a guest at Granny's hunting grounds—an abandoned hotel. You have to sneak about gathering missing automobile components like tires, petrol, and keys to get away from Granny, Grandpa, and their dog, who are on patrol in the neighborhood. To get from the hotel premises by boat, you have to find a paddle on the second floor. You have to avoid Granny's spine-tingling jump scares and avoid her traps as you explore the hotel's eerie areas, such as the basement. 


Enter a terrifying world in Granny 5 APK Time to Wake Up offline! Playing this terrifying game will test your ability to play hide-and-seek as you attempt to outwit Granny, who is chasing you down and watching surveillance footage taken by Grandpa.

Features of Granny 5 Time To Wake Up Free Download

  • Two sizable maps situated in a closed hotel 
  • Enemies that give you the chills, like their dog, Grandpa, and Granny
  • Frequently added new music, animations, monsters, riddles, and objects  
  • The goal of stealth games was to stay undetected. 
  • A terrifying escape room experience that's captivating
  • Restaurants, dungeons, elevators, and other eerie places


The stages of the game are two sizable landscapes that are situated in an abandoned hotel. These give the horror game an eerie and immersive environment.


Granny, Grandpa, and their dog are the primary adversaries that chase and attempt to locate the player. These ominous creatures prowl the hotel, pursuing the player.


The player may explore a variety of eerie locations, including restaurants, dungeons, elevators, and more, throughout the abandoned hotel as they work toward objectives and uncover mysteries.

Items & Puzzles:

To keep the action interesting and difficult, regular updates bring new opponents, riddles, important objects to discover, animations, and music. To get away, players must gather objects and solve riddles.


There are two primary levels: Level 1 has players collecting vehicle parts, and Level 2 needs them to obtain a paddle so they may escape by boat and stay away from Granny.

Some Playing Tips for Granny 5 Time To Wake Up APK

  • Put on headphones to detect enemy movements.  
  • Hut and slink to stay out of sight
  • When you need to disable Granny, use your cash carefully.
  • Learn the locations of item spawns on each map.
  • Beware of Granny's lethal traps and hiding places. 
  • Explore and take chances to uncover shortcuts and mysteries.

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