The Front Game APK

The Front Game APK 1.2.1 下载 对于Android

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Samar Studio
1.2.1 对于Android
11月 01, 2023
1.7 GB
7.0 and up
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An open-world survival shooting game, The Front Game APK utilizes crafting as its main mechanic. Your quest is to stop a ruthless empire from rising in a devastated, post-apocalyptic world as a courageous resistance fighter. In this open-world survival game, you can collect resources, craft technology, build bases, and battle powerful enemies in epic battles.

Take part in Dangerous Open World 

Throughout The Front's post-apocalyptic world, you'll encounter mutants and hostile groups, creating an atmosphere of danger and risk. Building tower defense-style traps, exploring ruins and enemy areas, and crafting weapons and gear are all available alone or with friends. 

Base Building

The Front Game APK Latest version features a sandbox-style construction system that allows players to build bases using many different building parts. With your imagination as your only limit, you can explore an unforgiving world and protect your resources.


Modern vehicles can be crafted and flown in many different ways, which is exciting. You can navigate and control this hazardous environment using over 20 different types of working vehicles.

Tower Defense Traps

An element of tower defense is added when monsters are strategically routed through a maze of traps. In these traps, you will face explosive beasts, invisible assassins, flying soldiers, and other powerful enemies.

Raiding and Battles

Using a variety of weapons, explosives, and even tanks and helicopters, you can raid enemy camps and bases.

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