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Bluetooth Le Spam APK 1.0.2 Download for Android

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1.0.2 for Android
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Nov 06, 2023
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5.0 and up
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Users can send phantom Bluetooth notifications to nearby devices using Bluetooth Le Spam, an intriguing Android app. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, this app presents Android's capabilities in a fun and harmless way.

It can send fake Bluetooth connection requests to other Android devices, making them nearly unusable. With the Flipper Zero, users can receive non-stop Bluetooth pop-up advertisements on their iPhones, Androids, or Windows phones.

A Bluetooth device advertising spoofing app pops up on nearby gadgets by spoofing advertisements. A Google Fast Pair notification, Microsoft Swift Pair notification, or even an Apple notification can be mimicked. Smartphones and laptops display pop-ups to pair or connect devices when they detect these phantom BLE advertisements.

The app lets hackers pose as various Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gadgets like wireless earbuds and smart keys to bombard Android devices with fake BLE connections. The app sends bogus Bluetooth requests, as short as 1 second apart, in imitation of Android's 'Fast Pair' feature.

Features of Bluetooth Le Spam APK

In addition to spoofing many device pairing services, the app is capable of spoofing Apple device popups as well as Google Fast Pair and Microsoft Swift Pair. In addition to this, there's a kitchen sink mode that sends random Bluetooth spam to maximize the effect. You can control the range of TX by setting the power level in the app.

Easy to use

There is no complicated process involved in using Bluetooth Le Spam Android APK. When you open the app, you will be able to choose which type of spoof notification you want to transmit - Google Fast Pair, Microsoft Swift Pair, Apple devices, random spam. With a simple click, the app begins sending fake Bluetooth packets that are detected by nearby compatible devices in that format.

How does Bluetooth Le Spam APK Latest Version

It impersonates various devices, including earbuds, smart keys, and RFID tags, by broadcasting fake Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections. These fake signals are detected by nearby Android phones, which use Fast Pair technology to connect to them without having to manually set up Bluetooth settings.

It can be quite annoying and distracting for the user because the fake signals aren't from real devices, so the connection attempts fail. Besides sending fake Bluetooth requests to Windows devices supporting the Swift Pair service, the app can also send fake Bluetooth requests to Windows devices that support Fast Pair.

In the app, users can select from one second to ten minutes of transmission power and interval for the fake signals.

The best way to secure Bluetooth connections from fake requests 

A device's settings can be adjusted to protect users from fake Bluetooth connection requests. By opening the 'Settings' app, clicking 'Google', and then tapping 'Nearby Share', users can disable the feature, protecting themselves from possible attacks. Cyber threats could be a new frontier with the launch of this app.

What are the risks of Bluetooth Le Spam?

In addition to not stealing data from the target device, Bluetooth-LE-Spam does not do any permanent damage to it. Despite its usefulness, it is also susceptible to pranks, harassment, and disruptions, especially in crowded places where Bluetooth devices can be found in abundance.

It can also inhibit Bluetooth peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and headphones, from functioning normally as the app spams fake requests, causing them to stop responding or disconnect. Furthermore, Bluetooth is a power-hungry feature that can drain the batteries of both sender and receiver devices.


It's fun to have some geeky tech fun with Bluetooth Le Spam APK Free Download. Its ability to mimic various pairing services allows you to surprise and amuse others. Due to the fact that this is a demonstration app, it is advised to use it responsibly and ethically.

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