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Version: for Android
Updated On:
May 12, 2023
170 MB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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A variety of gameplay options make Dragon And Home an ideal game for adventure or sandbox gaming enthusiasts. There are many beautiful landscapes in the game, including plains, caves, forests, deserts, mountains, and rivers. An unforgettable experience awaits you when you explore this colorful world during the day.

Dragon And Home APK are known for its many unique realms, each with its own exclusive areas that can be taken on by teams of up to four friends. There is an abundance of clever mechanisms and mysterious bosses that will challenge your skills in these areas. Wild animals can also be caught and raised to become your mounts in the open world as you explore.

Building your dream house or building a village with your neighbors is entirely your choice in Dragon And Home APK. Create unique structures that showcase your creativity in the game, allowing you to unleash your extraordinary architectural talent. Pastoral rural life is also offered, with options such as farming, farming, tailoring, smithing, and alchemy.

Besides RPG classes, the game also offers warrior, mage, and archer classes. Switching between these classes in the game lets you develop your character and become the most powerful force in the world.

There are endless possibilities for exploration, collaboration, and creativity in Dragon And Home, making it a game that caters to a wide range of interests. Play this captivating open-world game and immerse yourself in the adventure!

As Sakura guides you, you can explore an unknown world

Your guide, Sakura, will bring you deep into the unknown and mysterious world. We can expect many bizarre creatures, a great deal of danger, and a lot of surprises throughout our journey.

By collecting, mining, hunting, fishing, and collecting other fun content, you will be able to gather the materials you need to survive. If you find yourself on an adventure with friends, you might even make some new ones.

Let's go on an adventure with our well-forged weapons

Warrior, Mage, and Hunter are the three classes available. A character's class is determined by the equipment and weapons he or she wears. With the ability to freely switch equipment, you can engage in a variety of combats. Forging and inlaying Soul Stones enhances the equipment's attributes, allows you to create unique armor and weapons, enhances your combat skills, and lets you abandon boring battles.

The ideal Utopia can be customized offline

With Dragon and Home, designers can choose from a wide selection of building materials, furniture, and decorative plants. It is easy to complete an architectural design even for beginners with the help of Building-AI. What would your Utopia look like if there were no restrictions?

With friends, enjoy a relaxing rural idyll

Share your Homelands with friends so you can live the life you want. Among the tasks you can perform are weaving and tanning leather; managing your farm; treating your friends to a generous meal; breeding and training high-quality mounts; and becoming a rancher. It is also possible to become a merchant and sell your excess materials through the Homeland's free trading system.

Take on the dangerous Boss levels and explore them

There are dangers and traps hidden in the secret realms of the continents that contain bosses. These areas can be explored together with friends. The key to victory lies not just in fine weapons and equipment, but also in teamwork and wisdom. You should bring the potion you brewed as it will make you more courageous in the thrilling battle and lower the difficulty of fighting the boss.