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File 2.1.4 APK Download for Android

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2.1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 06, 2023
6 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Keeping your smartphone organized is difficult if you have tons of files. File 2.1.4 APK is the perfect tool to tame your smartphone and organize everything with ease. Moving and deleting files according to your needs is easy with this app.

Your mobile device's files can be sorted and organized with the app's easy-to-use interface. Additionally, you can view, copy-paste, rename, unzip, delete, edit, and share your documents via this platform, and you can also view, copy-paste, rename, unzip, delete, and edit files in diverse formats.

There's a very intuitive interface to the app, and it's very easy to use. Using the main screen, you can view all the files you have stored on your smartphone, including videos, audio files, documents, apps, new files, cloud storage, and general storage. You'll find all the videos in each folder, for example, so you can see them all at once and delete unnecessary files without too much hassle.

File management on internal memory, SD cards, and the cloud

File 2.1.4 APK is free and really easy to use as you can organize your files by categories, such as Images, Music, Movies, Documents, Apps, and many more.

  • You can easily manage local and remote/cloud storage with this Android app manager.
  • Your apps will be categorized, uninstalled, backed up, and shortcuts will be created.
  • Contains 80+ different file types, toolbar items, and menu items in 3 sets of commercial icons
  • A variety of resolutions are supported
  • Language support for 19 languages
  • An explorer view with a list and a grid
  • Support for compression and decompression
  • File searching and sharing
  • The ability to select multiple items and sort them according to various criteria
  • File thumbnails for photos, videos, and APKs
  • The Home screen should include a file shortcut for easy access
  • The basic features like cutting, copying, deleting, compressing, extracting, etc., are easily accessible.

A simple and easy process

File 2.1.4 Android APK Download is a popular app whose ease of use and ability to track essential files make it popular among many users. A common use of Dropbox is to back up important files on a mobile device, as well as sort through photos, documents, and other files.

Features of File 2.1.4 APK For Android

By category, you can easily browse files

These include documents, images, videos, music, apps, and favorites.

Organize files and folders in the local device storage, as well as those on the SD card. The app allows you to browse whole storage systems and file systems

Created a Wi-Fi hotspot and supported Wi-Fi mode

Analyses of storage devices

Cleaning up useless files on local storage is a good idea.

Transmitting files

Through WiFi, you can share apps, images, music, documents, and movies

Managing files

Organize files by cutting, copying, pasting, renaming, and compressing them from a microSD card, LAN, or the cloud

LAN access to files

Utilize HTTP for managing files within your LAN Wi-Fi

Cloud storage provides more storage options

The program supports cloud storage accounts including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box

The images

Your storage can be used to manage picture and image files. The following formats are previewable: bmp, gif, jpg, png...

The audio files

Files related to music and sound can be managed. Various audio formats are available, including WAV, mp3, ogg, flac, m4p, wav, wma...

A tool for managing SD cards on Android

You can use tools like this to manage SD cards

File copying, cutting, pasting, moving, and sending to SD cards

Managing and transferring data

You can share files using various tools, such as "send anywhere", an email, a text message, ... and transfer files to your PC over HTTP.

Store your data on the cloud

Upload files from local to the cloud by creating a shared link

Search for files

Files and folders can be searched

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