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1.3 for Android
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Nov 21, 2023
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5.1 and up
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Hikikomori Sister APK is an adult simulation game that offers users a unique storyline with its Hikikomori Sister. A girl who is asleep and trapped in her dreamland will be encountered by players in the game.

Therefore, this game will lead players into a very cool dreamland owned by this character. Unlike the real world, you won't find anything similar in the later stages of this game. This game will look like a fictional world because all the information provided will be fictional.

Almost every girl's dream will be filled with obstacles and hurdles. It is up to the player to help a girl overcome her dream's obstacles and challenges.

The game will feature maps and other tools that will help players explore their dreams. This game offers a number of features.

Players take on the role of an 'older brother' of a Hikikomori sister named Aika in the game. As players engage with Aika through interactive activities and dialogue options, they gradually overcome her social anxiety and form a bond.

This game features a virtual reality element that sets it apart from other games. Through engaging with Aika and exploring various scenarios together, players are transported to a lifelike environment. With the immersive experience, players can develop a deep emotional connection, offering them a sense of companionship and understanding that they may be lacking in real life. This game offers an opportunity for players to fulfill their emotional needs by connecting with a virtual character.


The first step to becoming an independent adult is to live on your own. She needed a place to stay for a short period of time since you have always been close to her. Despite the fact that it can be difficult to suddenly live with a sibling again, you want to help Nana out because you care about her. You get along well with her, so it's been a pleasant change having her around. 

It's a give-and-take relationship between you and Nana - you provide housing and she helps with chores. In addition to providing you with some welcome company, she also provides you with some much-needed companionship. Together, you have had a chance to experience big life changes, which has strengthened your sibling bond. Despite Nana's financial struggles, you're grateful that you can support her during this time.

If you have lovey-dovey sex with your sister, you will gain more points.

Gain access to new positions and situations by using those points.

Animated pixel art game with erotic themes!

Hikikomori Sister v1.0 APK is the little sister of our story, an incredibly adorable one. The design of her dress conveys maturity and not too much innocence. Hikkikikimoris keep their bedrooms clean and bare and wear clothes reflecting their lazy lifestyles. Overall, she is a lovely little sister and an excellent game heroine.


In addition, more sexual content is unlocked by gaining points. Sex with your sister is a way to accomplish this. At first, the options seem quite basic, but as you accumulate points and have sex, you can unlock some really nice CG.

Your sister can be carried around in this game, which is one of its best features. Having sex with her in a back alley or in a love hotel is possible no matter where you are in the house, in the bathroom, or even outside.

The idle animations of her are too cute, and I'd hate to interrupt her eating noodles with sex.

Everyone can find something they like among the many positions you can unlock. Having a huge interest in armpits, I was pleased to find that this game has many armpit options. This video contains armpit sex and a CG scene in which an armpit is licked.

Relationships between characters

Players can interact with a wide range of characters, each of whom has a unique personality and backstory. It is Yumi, the protagonist, who faces the isolation associated with her illness and struggles with it. In addition to her supportive sister, Ayumi, she encounters enigmatic characters who are key to unraveling the mystery of the city. It adds depth and emotional resonance to the game by intricately weaving the relationships between these characters.

Designing graphics and sounds

Hikomori Sister features stunning visuals that depict Neo-Tokyo in all its dystopian glory. Featuring vibrant colors and gritty, atmospheric environments, the art style of the game is visually captivating. Players will be immersed in the world of the game through every detail, from the towering skyscrapers to the decaying alleyways.

An important component of the overall experience of the game is the sound design. Hikikomori Sister APK Latest Version creates a haunting atmosphere through a combination of urban sounds, whispers, and haunting music. In addition to complementing the gameplay, the soundtrack creates tension and suspense by heightening the impact of key moments.

Puzzles and challenges

Players' problem-solving skills and critical thinking are tested by Hikikomori Sister's challenges and puzzles. In order to advance, players will have to overcome a variety of obstacles and riddles. A sense of accomplishment is provided when you successfully overcome these challenges, as they are seamlessly woven into the narrative. All skill levels are able to enjoy the gameplay experience thanks to the game's balance between difficulty and accessibility.

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