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Kaliber Ai APK 1.0 Download for Android

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1.0 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 29, 2023
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Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Using Kaliber Ai APK, you can create stunning music videos, animated still images, and more.

With Kaiber, users can generate videos based on images or text descriptions. Spotify Canvas enables musicians to express themselves in an original way, inspires artists, creates content for creators, and is fun for futurists, allowing them to push AI tools to new limits.

A video generated from an image

Animating static images generated by AI or real photos in a specific manner is now possible on the new platform. With prompts, users can control the animation of the illustrated images. The user uploads an image, selects a style, directs how the animation works, then adjust length, dimensions, and movement settings.

Making music come alive

Making music videos is one of the biggest uses for Kaliber Ai APK. It allows users to upload their music, which Kaiber's tools interpret and turn into evolving and changing images. A music video was produced by Linkin Park using Kaiber showcasing impressive visuals. An explosion sequence was animated in the opening sequence of a story with this program.

There are currently only eight styles available for Kaiber's images, which are highly stylized. Although it is more suited to animating anime and animation, it is hard to imagine this software animating a real-life photo.

In about 30 seconds, you can see a preview of your style before starting the generation, depending on the length of your animation

Take your imagination to the next level

Our AI generation engine will help you turn your ideas into visual stories.

Create a picture of yourself

The first thing you should do is take a selfie, a picture of your cat, a scene from your life, or a memory that makes you smile.

Make your own music video

Create a music video of your dreams by uploading a song, defining your subject, and choosing a style. Our resident artists in our Studio use the same technologies you can learn.

Controls that are intuitive and simple

You can change perspectives by moving the camera in your video. Let your imagination run wild and make your video as long as you like.

How Kaliber Ai APK works

In minutes, you can create beautiful videos

The initial files must be uploaded

Take existing content to the next level by adding your own image, audio, or video

Put your vision into action

We have Curated Styles and Prompt Templates you can use or you can describe what you want

Make necessary adjustments

The length and dimensions of your camera can be customized, as well as the camera movements

Choose a frame to start with

We generate 4 starting frames for you, so you can curate your vibe from them

Your video is available for download

Make your creation available to the world and export it


Through prompts and basic customization, Kaliber Ai APK will create stylized videos from still images.

Kaiber plays a major role in creating music videos, such as the video Lost by Linkin Park.

It is effectively a pay-per-use service due to Kaiber AI's credit system.