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1.1.3 for Android
Updated On:
May 04, 2023
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4.4 and up
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Using Madsaz APK, you can hear your baby's cries and easily translate them into spoken words. Every parent can use this app to understand his or her baby's needs and ensure that the child is well taken care of. By using advanced technology, this app helps parents decode, whether their baby is hungry, uncomfortable, or simply asking for their attention, the meaning behind their cries. Any parent who wants to provide a nurturing environment for their little one must use Madsaz Baby Cry Translator to understand their baby's needs.

To better understand their babies, parents use the Madsaz to translate (identify) their infant's cries. This application recognizes versions of the DBL such as neh, meaning hunger, meaning tiredness, meaning meaningfulness, whereas meaningfulness, meaning incentive (could be a wet diaper, too hot). It doesn't matter what it is, cold air is cold.

A total of two languages are available: IN and EN

With an accuracy of up to 94%, Madsaz APK is the first Indonesian application capable of translating the cry of babies aged 0-3 months (universal across cultures and languages). Baby's environments and cultures differ based on their age and environment when they're 4 months or older.

Baby crying can be differentiated into five types using this application, namely:

  • "Neh" which means hungry,
  • "Owh" means tired which indicates the baby is getting sleepy,
  • "Eh" means wanting to belch,
  • "Eairh" means getting cold (flatulence),
  • "Heh" means the baby feels uncomfortable (it could be because the diaper is wet, the air is too hot or cold, or something else).

In addition to its benefits, this application enables parents to quickly and easily understand why their babies are crying. Parental confidence increases when they feel comfortable caring for their babies, and stress levels decrease by the end of the day. However, babies calm down rapidly because parents are able to respond appropriately to their babies cries. In addition to the health of the mother, the calmness of the child is certainly important as well.

An English and Indonesian language version of this application is available. This application is very simple to use: press "REC" when the baby cries (IN) or "RECORD" when the baby cries (EN). Following the recording process, approximately 20 seconds after the baby's cry is recorded, the HP screen will display its meaning (the classification button is pink). Aside from displaying how crying babies are classified, this application will also show adults what they can do to help them.

Information regarding Madsaz applications

Madsaz APK requirements have already been uploaded to the PlayStore (read them first). It is necessary to select the audio recording permission before the recording process can begin.