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1.0.167 for Android
Updated On:
May 19, 2023
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5.0 and up
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It's great to have you aboard Monthly Entertainment APK! Interested in creating your own K-pop idols, managing their careers, and running your own agency in the entertainment business? Monthly Entertainment APK's story, features, gameplay mechanics, frequently asked questions, and conclusion will all be described in detail in this detailed article.

Play this game to become a producer and agent manager of K-pop idols, and be part of the Monthly Entertainment team. It's your job to ensure that your trainees succeed, help them debut as a global group, and lead them to success.

Getting fans and money: 

You should begin by scheduling various activities for your idols, including training, performances, and promotions. In order to grow your agency and achieve success, you need to carefully plan their schedules so they can earn money and gain fans.

Tour concerts around the world: 

The more popular you become, the more chances you'll have to take your idols on world tours. Besides generating income and expanding your fan base worldwide, these concerts also generate income for you. If you want your fans to remember your performance, you must plan and execute a successful performance.

Producing and coordinating an album: 

Your idols' careers can be further elevated by producing albums that feature their talents. Develop captivating music videos with your idols by selecting songs, designing album covers, and creating album covers. You will increase your fan base and improve your agency's reputation through the success of these albums.

The following content will entertain you: 

You can produce and create entertainment content for your idols with Monthly Entertainment APK. You can showcase your idols' personalities and skills through variety shows, reality shows, and online content. Listen to your fans' requests and engage them through these platforms to strengthen your connection with them.

TV Program for Audition and Global Debut: 

Make sure your trainees have the opportunity to showcase their talents on TV programs where a wide audience can see them. Their success will allow them to gain international recognition and fame as a global group.

These features include:

  • Create your own agency, complete with training facilities and dormitories.
  • Plan and coordinate the appearance, outfit, and hairstyle of your idols.
  • A variety of genres and concepts can be found on the albums I produce.
  • Meet with fans via social media, live chat, or live streaming.
  • Collaborations and partnerships can help your agency extend its influence.

How to Play:

  • Choose your favorite app store and download the Monthly Entertainment APK.
  • Create the name and logo for your agency and launch the game.
  • To learn how to play the game, follow the in-game tutorials.
  • Organize activities for your idols, train them, and promote their careers.
  • Learn how to expand your K-pop agency and create successful idols.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1: Can I interact with other players in the game?

There is currently only a single-player experience available in Monthly Entertainment APK. The online community allows you to share your experiences with others.

Q2: Can I manage multiple idol groups within the game?

Creating and managing multiple idol groups at the same time is possible as your agency grows.


APK Monthly Entertainment allows players to enter the exciting world of K-pop idol management with an exciting and immersive experience. This game provides fans of the K-pop genre with customizable options, engaging gameplay mechanics, and the opportunity to make their idols' dreams come true. Create your own K-pop empire with Monthly Entertainment APK and let your creativity and business sense shine!