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Final for Android
Updated On:
Oct 26, 2023
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5.0 and up
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There are a few lewd visual novel-style activities in Nai's Training APK. Our heroine in the game, Nai, has basically been abused her entire life and has a weird and uncoordinated personality as a result.

Since she has moved into your home, she basically depends on you for her upbringing. It's up to you whether you want to use her as a sexual object or be a good person with her.


A visual novel with some RPG elements, Nai's Training Diary plays like a visual novel. At the start of the game, you are given three options during a conversation. Stroking her head gently, ignoring her, or telling her to get nude are all options you have! Despite your changes in the story, Nai still gets abused by others no matter what you do.

In addition, there is a stats system involved here, so you need to keep tabs on your money and also Nai's mood. You can change Nai's mood depending on what you do when her mood starts out "upset.". The stats screen also shows information about her knowledge, social skills, manners, dancing, and stress. There will be a filling and depleting of these as things progress.

Features of Nai's Training APK Latest version

  • In-game voice of the heroine
  • A total of 43 basic CGs, including 300+ differences
  • Faces with more than 30 expressions
  • A total of 8 types of costumes are available, including homewear, swimming suits, winter clothes, formal attire, bunny dresses, and SM suites.
  • A total of 20 kinds of endings are possible in the game

Among the endless possibilities of Nai, flexibility reigns supreme. With this game, you are able to create countless unique experiences that you can share with others. Spending time with Nai can be an adventure without boundaries, whether it is helping her earn money, enjoying leisurely activities, or even learning. There are 11 distinct locations in this game to explore, and each location contains over 50 hidden surprises that add depth to your journey. 

You can explore your desires discreetly as your intimacy with Nai deepens, as many channels open to intimate encounters. The choice of attire influences the plot of intimate encounters depending on where they occur. Moreover, there is a wide selection of outfits and suits, each with its own unique charm. Your adventure is in your hands when you play Nai, where you control every aspect of it. With Nai, you will have boundless opportunities to explore your romantic and distinctive side.

An expression of sadness

As a visual game, Nai's Training APK for Android is pleasing to the eye, although it disturbs the soul. This game looks great thanks to its realistic anime style and the artist did a great job with the characters as well as the backgrounds. There is a real sadness about Nai's character design that made me like her even more. The design decision was very clever and I think it was done with intention.

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