Oniga Town of The Dead APK

Oniga Town of The Dead APK 1.3.0 Download for Android

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1.3.0 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 20, 2023
395 MB
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5.0 and up
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In Oniga Town of The Dead APK, a game that can be played by those who haven't yet got "Two Horns - Living in the Town with Ogres". It also works for those who haven't played the previous work since the scenarios aren't connected.

A once-vibrant town has been transformed into a haunted labyrinth by zombies in Oniga Town of the Dead. The mission? Utilize your wits and strategic prowess to survive against hordes of undead. The game is a gripping journey through an apocalyptic landscape where every choice matters in this survival game.


We are introduced to Oniga, a peaceful village where folks live without a care in this thrilling tale. An outbreak of zombies suddenly erupted in the town, causing chaos! Poor maidens were attacked by the walking dead, causing quite a fright in the streets. Amidst the chaos and strife, some lecherous men had their way with fair ladies. It is even defiling the living that the lustful undead seek! 

There is more to the story than that, however. During her rescue, our heroine, Miyako Sanada, was bitten by zombies and collapsed on the street. The next morning, she awoke to find a shocker between her legs - a futanari penis! Miyako was able to turn the tables on her enemies with the help of this new appendage. She could switch at will between damsel and dominant dick-wielder with the help of special medicine! 

Both zombie girls and regular girls could be captured by Miyako by using hidden restraint items scattered around town. This domination of their women was opposed by some righteous townspeople. In the futanari world though, Miyako had become one of the most powerful forces!

Let me end on a cliffhanger, what will happen to Oniga Town? What will Miyako do with her newfound futanari powers? Will she use them for salvation or sin? She is the one who gets to choose! We'll head to bed now, rascals, and remember that heroes can rise even in chaos!

Restraint Items

Your opponents, whether they are girls or zombie girls, can be "restrained" by using "restraint items" hidden throughout the world!

There is no limit to the amount of attacks you can make on the restrained character. Will the men of the town come to you if you restrain an innocent girl in town?

Experience a thrilling adventure packed with survival, customization, and multiplayer mayhem in the highly anticipated game

Features of Oniga Town of The Dead APK For Android

How does the game attract players? I enjoyed it very much because it had a good balance of action, method, and horror. Besides survival, the game invites players to explore the unknown, solve complex puzzles, and uncover mysteries hidden in the desolate streets. This is an all-encompassing delight that keeps you guessing at every turn, preventing boredom from ever taking hold.

An engaging gameplay experience

In Miga Town of the Dead, survival is more than just a game of survival. Players are charged with exploring the mysterious cityscape, solving puzzles that challenge their minds, and unraveling the secrets and techniques that linger inside the shadows. There is never a moment of monotony in this series since each twist and turn introduces new challenging situations.

Exceptional design and graphics

Get ready to be mesmerized by this stunning display. The graphic quality of Mig Town of the Dead is exceptional, giving the desolation a sense of life. There is meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of the post-apocalyptic setting, from crumbling buildings to the relentless zombies. With haunting sound design, this visual feast becomes a true sensory feast where every encounter is filled with suspense.

Customizable and interactive

Oniga Town of The Dead APK latest version offers a different type of survival experience. There are numerous mini-games that add layers to the gameplay as players explore the town, discovering hidden secrets and delicious goodies. In addition, customization reaches a whole new level. Choose from a variety of outfits, accessories, and hairstyles to create your very own avatar. Put your stamp on the game's universe by decorating your living space with furniture and decorations.

Multiplayer Mode and Unlimited Money

Social gaming is recognized as a powerful tool in the game. As a united front against the zombie hordes, friends can join forces in multiplayer mode. By doing so, the fun factor is amplified and it adds a social dimension as well. The cherry on top is the unlimited amount of in-game money. Purchase items and unlock new scenarios to explore a world of possibilities. A survival strategy alone will not suffice; you must also explore diverse strategies without limits in order to thrive.

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