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Project EVO APK 1.4 Download for Android

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Project EVO
1.4 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 18, 2023
1.8 GB
Required Android:
6.0 and up
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Project EVO APK is the first game in the Project EVO series to use mobile technology. A player in Emberland is only concerned with surviving, surviving, and surviving to the end. Minutes before the deadline. Everything wants you to die, danger lurks around every corner.

There will be hundreds of desperate players to contend with in addition to mutated creatures. Ember world's light will guide you when you are ready. Now is the time to embark on an exciting journey! Alpha Testing is now open, so download Project EVO APK now and try it out!

What Project EVO APK has to offer

As you play, you'll stumble across serendipity and a vast universe.

Throughout different environments such as the desert, forest, snowfields, mountains, and abandoned settlements, you will encounter this stunning post-apocalyptic world with its amazing real-time weather system. Whether encountering foes of deep meaning or frightening beasts that tear you apart, you can always expect surprising new experiences on every trip. You're going to have a blast exploring this vast universe, I hope you have a wonderful time!

You must maintain your life while gathering supplies in the dangerous woods.

There is no end to the struggle to survive in this place. The best way to maintain your health is to be attentive to the signs your body provides you while also gathering resources through farming, crafting, cooking, and even murdering.

A key component of having an advantage over your adversaries is to empower yourself. The atmosphere in this place does not permit pity, since everything is out to get you. Prepare to sneak into other survivors' shelters or raid their locations. First, you need to seize important resources, then you need to destroy all their buildings in order to prevent them from seeking revenge.

Plan your refuge well before constructing it.

Survivors are always on the lookout for a safe haven due to the harsh conditions. From the ground up, you are free to design your shelter however you want, and every aspect of it is under your control. The basic design, however, must undergo a lot of strategic considerations in the meantime.

Taking all relevant factors into account and planning ahead will prevent other ruthless survivors from breaking into your safe havens, such as the shelter's location, the number of resources it will consume, its durability, its growth potential, its construction, and its security level. This puts you at risk of having to start from scratch at any time at an unanticipated point.

Beware of traitors and carefully form alliances.

There are hundreds of players gathered in this massively multiplayer online game. In most cases, it is recommended to team up with other survivors to ensure your survival. The "friends" you meet in this setting could be genuine allies or they could be lying in wait to exploit you, just as in any survival narrative. You never know when they might turn against you when the time is right. Don't give them full access to your base. To survive until the very end, one must be on the lookout for betrayers.

Defeat your opponents through your own prowess, and prove your worth.

Are you tired of playing those awful mobile survival games where you have to pay to progress? This is your chance to really show off what you can do! Project EVO APK does not include unfair benefits that can be purchased in order to provide you with the most authentic and unique survival game experience possible. Your final score depends only on how well you play and how much effort you put in. Your skills are more important than your bank account! Please make sure you still have embers to burn and SURVIVE.

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