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Qs Watermelon Game APK 1.0.7 Download for Android

App By:
Han Song Ey Jo
1.0.7 for Android
Updated On:
Oct 23, 2023
61.3 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Participate in the watermelon-themed fun by combining cute fruits to make them bigger. Who will be the one to perfect the enormous watermelon? At this very now, you have the opportunity to take this test and see whether you are the first to complete it successfully.

About Qs Watermelon Game APK

This is a Fruit Puzzle or Tetris game and the goal of the game is to stack as many different kinds of fruit as possible in a box without going over the top line. The player's score is increased when two or more identical fruits are merged to form a bigger fruit. The Watermelon is the maximum score achievable, and the point of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before the box is filled. The end goal is to make a watermelon out of the various fruits.

Features of the Game:

  • Matching similar fruits and seeing them morph into something new is a challenging mental exercise in the game Dynamic Fruit Matching.
  • Gameplay Strategy: Merge fruits together in such a way that they don't overflow the box.
  • Exciting Metamorphoses: As you combine and advance in the game, you'll unlock new varieties of fruit.
  • Engaging and amusing: this new take on fruit matching will keep you amused for hours.

With this Watermelon Game, you're in for a juicy adventure. Submerge yourself in the exciting world of fruit matching and strategic play. Try combining the same fruits to see what interesting hybrids you may create. Can you successfully construct a large melon without its contents spilling out of the container? Fruit Match is an exciting and entertaining game.

How to play Qs Watermelon Game APK

Let the Fun Begin!

When you load the Suikagame.com website, the Fruit game will begin automatically. There will be nothing in the package. The Fruit can be thrown to the ground by clicking the mouse or tapping the screen. You may move the fruit around by clicking or tapping on the screen.

Merge the Fruits

In the Qs Watermelon Game latest version, players must combine identical fruits to create larger fruits. A bigger fruit will form when two identical fruits come into contact with one another. The identical process, applied to two Honeydew Melons, yields a Watermelon.

Have Fun!

Score as many points as you can in the game before the fruit box is empty. This is over if any of your fruit reaches the redline at the top.

Some Watermelon Qs Game Hints and Secrets?

Here are some bulleted point instructions for the game:

  • Quickly combining fruits to form larger ones will help you conserve storage space.
  • The placement of fruit requires some thought. For instance, you may produce a pineapple by combining two melons.
  • Make an effort to come up with a combination. If you combine three or more fruits at once, you get a combination. Combinations are worth more points than combining individual fruits.
  • Don't stress if you make a few blunders. The term "perfect" is very subjective. Discover what you enjoy by trying new things.

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