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The adventure platformer game SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake APK stars Patrick, SpongeBob, and other well-known figures from the well-liked animated series. When it launches in 2022, gamers will embark on an amusing journey across Wishworlds with various themes.


The focal point of the game is the Wish-granting Mermaid's Tears that SpongeBob and Patrick have managed to obtain. When their wishes come true, the SpongeBob universe is torn apart, revealing doors to seven different Wishworlds inhabited by cowboys, pirates, knights, and more. To put things right, players must assist SpongeBob by using outrageous clothes and unique moves.


The game is a 3D platformer where you have to run, jump, solve puzzles in the surroundings, and destroy adversaries. More than thirty costumes that give SpongeBob special abilities can be unlocked by players. Add diversity with new techniques like the Fishhook Swing and Karate Kick. You can enjoy the entire voyage with Balloon-Patrick as your constant companion.

Features of SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake APK

More Than 30 Costumes

SpongeBob may be equipped with more than thirty amusing costumes that grant him unique abilities and capabilities. SnailBob, SpongeGar, Sir SpongeBob, and Cowboy SpongeBob are some of the coolest outfits.

Seven Imaginary Worlds

Explore intricately designed themed environments such as the Prehistoric Kelp Forest, Halloween Rock Bottom, and Wild West Jellyfish Fields. Everybody has their secrets and struggles.

Fresh Actions

Learn innovative platforming techniques such as the Fishhook Swing to go over difficult gaps and levels and the Karate Kick to kill foes.

Buddy System

Friend System Balloon Patrick joins you on your journey, lending a hand when needed and making amusing remarks. His ability to balloon lets him reach new places.

Known Characters and VAs

Engage with well-known Bikini Bottom characters narrated by the original cast members for a genuine experience.

Platform Operator

To accomplish specific goals, you must leap from level to platform in this mostly platformer-style game. You will be able to acquire new abilities that will facilitate platforming as you advance in the game. This covers both traditional platforming moves and a few special ones, such as the Fishhook Swing and Karate Kick.

Sound and Visuals

The attention to detail in the design and audio of this new game is among its most remarkable aspects. This is quite unusual in many of these games—all of the characters are voiced by the actors who originally played them.

It also includes 101 tracks from the cartoon series' original soundtrack, including "Sweet Victory," a beloved song by viewers. Rich backgrounds and intricately rendered characters make for far superior graphics than the typical ones. The game has a polished feel to it, which adds to its excitement. It's far better designed and illustrated than games from other cartoon series, such as the first Garfield game.

Suitable for families

SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake Mobile is ideal for playing with your children and is family-friendly, as one might anticipate from the franchise. With its simple plot and comparatively pure adventure style, the game will keep kids occupied as they explore each of the seven distinct realms.

Since the difficulty of the gameplay is unknown at this time, you might wish to play it yourself if you intend to play it with smaller children to make sure it is acceptable for their age.

Some Playing Tips for SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake Online

  • For unique combinations, mix and match outfits and movements. Silly platforming with SnailBob's slime and Cowboy Lasso!
  • Explore every inch of the Wishworlds to find easter eggs and hidden pickups that allude to SpongeBob episodes.
  • To strategically access locations that are difficult to reach yet contain mysteries and collectibles, use Patrick's balloon form.
  • Speak with every NPC in the world; some may provide fascinating lore and side missions.
  • I enjoy Patrick's humorous remarks about the peanut gallery when you speak. He frequently brings up memorable SpongeBob episodes.

The fun of the game is in trying out all the insane outfit combinations while it exposes internal jokes and references! Joining forces with Patrick enhances the dynamic enjoyment even more.

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