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1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 16, 2023
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7.0 and up
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Searching for a thrilling new mobile game that will put your abilities to the test? Developed by Norby and Mark Osbáth, Super Osbáth Bros APK is a thrilling new one-shot adventure game that sends players on a perilous journey through the ruins and pyramids of ancient Egypt. The game offers an original gaming experience to Android devices with its hard, skill-based gameplay and endearing retro aesthetic. 


In this game, you take on the role of one of two daring brothers named Norby or Mark Osbáth, who venture through the perilous pyramids and ruins of ancient Egypt in pursuit of lost riches. As they venture further into the pyramids, the Osbáth brothers must use all of their cunning, dexterity, and bravery to avoid pits, spears, crumbling ruins, and other deadly obstacles—all of which are portrayed in comic book-style cutscenes between stages.


Super Osbáth Bros game is a fast-paced, challenging game that calls for accurate timing and fast reflexes. In order to sprint, jump, slide, and control Norby or Mark through each challenging level, players must tap, swipe, and tilt their tablet. Players' abilities and reflexes are put to the test as they jump over pits, dodge spears, and navigate crumbling ruins walls. When assistance is required, unique power-ups like Pharaoh's Grace and the Ankh of Life are available. Super Osbáth Bros. offers players of all skill levels an exciting, suspenseful experience with selectable difficulty settings.

Features of Super Osbáth Bros APK Latest Version

The game has a lot of features that improve immersion and gameplay:

  • The ancient Egyptian scene is brought to life by vibrant retro graphics and a hip-hop soundtrack. As they advance, players can personalize their Osbáth avatar with unlocked clothes and accessories.
  • Integrating social media makes it possible to challenge friends and share accomplishments.  
  • Gamers can tilt and rotate their smartphone to control the game via motion controls.


It is a one-shot game created just for Android that offers the following special benefits:

  • Unique gaming experience not found on other platforms
  • Excellent replay value featuring unlockables and configurable difficulty
  • imaginative customization posing as Mark Osbáth or Norby  
  • Developers' frequent updates with new content

Tips for Playing

To become an expert at Super Osbáth Bros, use these tips:

  • Recognize attack patterns to time dodges and jumps correctly.
  • Use power-ups sparingly when necessary.
  • Try harder levels to unlock costumes more quickly.  

Turn on motion controls for a more responsive gaming experience. Practice on previous stages to improve your skills before moving on to new ones.


For Android players looking for a fun challenge, Super Osbáth Bros APK for Android is a must-have game because of its skill-based gameplay, colorful retro graphics, and constantly growing content. Join the Osbáth brothers on their journey through the pyramids by downloading Super Osbáth Bros. right now from Google Play!

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