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0.19 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 17, 2023
450.7 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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Players in Tenants of the Dead APK immerse themselves in a zombie-infested world filled with post-apocalyptic survival horror. A Hollowhaven apartment complex is an abandoned complex where survivors seek refuge.


Players are tasked with finding supplies, fortifying safehouses, and forming alliances with other survivors in Tenants of the Dead Android. It is imperative for players to make tactical decisions to stay alive against the hordes of undead. Zombie activity and danger increase at night in the game due to the day-night cycle.


In the Hollowhaven apartment complex, a group of survivors come together to survive. There are strengths and weaknesses unique to each survivor. Survivors' fates are affected not only by their own choices but also by those of their fellow survivors. There are no two ways to play the game thanks to its branching narrative and consequence system. 

Features of Tenants of the Dead APK Latest Version

  • Graphics and audio that create a haunting, realistic atmosphere
  • A zombie survival game with a tactical focus on resources
  • Influence of the day-night cycle on zombie activity 
  • Playable survivors of varying attributes with a diverse cast
  • Player choices and consequences are far-reaching in a branching narrative
  • Various outcomes and randomized elements make this game highly replayable

A compelling and dynamic take on zombie survival, Tenants of the Dead game combines horror, strategy, and player agency. Playing this game allows players to experience the horrors and decisions that arise from an apocalyptic future.

There's no going back now!

Our lovely girlfriend and some other survivors are living in a building after the zombie apocalypse. The story seems very typical of zombie movies and TV shows, but I am fine with it since I love zombies.

We are away so she has to bang some dudes and get survival supplies while we are away. According to the current outlook, that is the direction it will go.

Taking care of what needs to be done

There is a fairly basic gameplay loop in Tenants of the Dead Free to download. Getting up, taking a shower, eating, talking with your girl, and deciding where to explore come next. As the game develops, I think we'll see more, combat is a given and the survival stuff has its bones here as your supplies, activities, etc., are all listed at the end of each day.

Taking a far-reaching view

Tenants of the Dead Gameplay looks amazing even in this early state. It is very easy on the eyes to look at your girlfriend, since she has a massive rack. The art is very light and I think that makes it very eye-catching since it has a very light tone to it. While I felt like it was mostly towards the end of what is currently available, I was quite impressed with the amount of lewd content in the build I played. I loved how you could zoom out the camera, it gave you a unique perspective of the action and the fact that it was animated was awesome.

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