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Delta X v5 APK 3.0.5 Unduh untuk Android

3.0.5 untuk Android
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Apr 10, 2023
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6.0 and up
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Your digital advertising spending can be optimized and managed cross-channel.

Digital advertising platform deltax is the world's first cross-channel platform. Ad agencies and performance marketers can buy, track, attribute, optimize, report, and measure media across search, social, display, mobile, and video ads using unified data and automation. Through the use of big data, user behavior, and machine learning algorithms, the cloud-based platform helps advertisers increase their performance across the business funnel. There are 34 languages available on the platform for self-serve. Across verticals such as e-commerce, travel, banking, technology, education, and gaming, millions of dollars in ad investment are powered each month.

We offer our existing clients a powerful dashboard in our mobile application.

Deltax insights

Don't let data silos hold you back from gaining insights


Analytics, CRM, and media channel data onboarding

Cross-channel dashboard

Create custom dashboards and drill-downs based on your unique business requirements

Reporting automation

With our comprehensive reporting suite, you can automate reporting for all stakeholders

Notify me

Get insights into events such as spikes in conversions, dips in ad delivery, and ad rejections.

Deltax measurement

Channel-specific tracking and attribution

Ad server

You can serve banner ads, rich media ads, and video ads on the web and on mobile devices. Different publishers can track conversions independently


Use our proprietary fair-share model or your own custom model to analyze the conversion journey of users and attribute conversions

Deltax optimizer

Spend more time on optimizing Google, Bing, and Facebook campaigns

Budget center

  • Using learnings from current and past campaigns, optimize budgets across channels toward a common objective
  • Optimize your bids across AdWords and Bing for higher kpis and faster campaign growth


  • Multiple campaigns can be launched in minutes with granular targeting with intelligent automation

Deltax optimizer

Bespoke & automated


Display and video banner ads can be personalized at scale with a dynamic creative optimizer


Using data signals from the weather, air pollution, stock market, and live events to trigger creatives


Let us create and run highly efficient campaigns based on your product catalog

Taking lead actions

Using our automated actions, you can respond quickly to Facebook lead ads prospects

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