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7.0 for Android
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Nov 20, 2023
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5.0 and up
Visual Novel
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Companion of Darkness APK is a virtual novel for adults that focuses heavily on the story. With your decision, you decide in which direction this thriller-mystery novel goes.

As you read the dialog between the haunted souls that roam these games, you hold their fates in your hands. When at a fork in the road, choose wisely, for your decisions shape the twisting paths of this mystery.

Like a gardener tending a labyrinth of roses, you cultivate the narrative with your choices. Will the thorns draw blood, or will the petals bloom into a breathtaking ending? The story sprouts and grows at your discretion.

Replay the tale as one replays a song, finding new rhythms, melodies, and meanings. Seek out each branch, and each conclusion; collect them like artifacts or press them like leaves between the pages.

Let the mystery envelop your senses, the tension grips you tightly as the shadows fall. And in the companionable darkness, unravel secrets and protect those characters for whom your heart bleeds. Their fate - the entire novel's destiny - awaits your first choice.


My friends this is the story of a brave person. After being away for three ill-fated years, this hero returns to his childhood home. But as soon as he reached the old neighborhood, an ominous sight appeared – two powerful spirits fought a fierce battle that shook the earth beneath their feet! Our hero is killed in the chaos.

But suddenly he woke up in their beds, with no bruises or memories of the supernatural conflict. "Was it just a dream?" He was surprised.

Life continued, but strange occurrences continued to haunt its poor people. The hero felt like a stranger in his own home, as darkness had taken root in people's hearts.

When friends and family are threatened by this evil, our heroes have to make a choice – will they fight the darkness and save their loved ones, even if it means sacrificing their humanity? Will he cross lines of no return?

The future remained uncertain, but the hero knew that he had to protect the people of the village, no matter the cost. My dear friends, like that brave soul, you too may face difficult choices, but always listen to your heart and stand up for what is right. Now, I'll hold you close and keep the darkness away, at least for one more night...

Detailed Features of Companion of Darkness Game

Chapter 1

  • 1100+ beautifully rendered anime-style images bring the characters and world to life
  • 40+ animations used across 4 NSFW sex scenes and mini-stories add movement and interactivity
  • Returning to your hometown 3 years after a trauma, you witness a supernatural battle
  • The opening story branches set up the mystery and dark tone

Chapter 2 

  • 1400+ new renders expand the visuals in this thrilling visual novel
  • 50+ new animations are used in 5 NSFW sex scenes and mini-plots
  • The story deepens as strange events threaten those you care about
  • Your choices steer the narrative through more complex moral dilemmas

Chapter 3

  • 1300+ more gorgeous renders continue to enhance the intricate story
  • 40+ new animations drive 4 new NSFW sex scenes and mini-tales 
  • Supernatural forces and unexplainable occurrences put pressure on the characters
  • Your decisions determine who lives, dies, and falls into darkness

Chapter 4 

  • 1500+ new stunning renders amp up the visual quality  
  • 50+ new animations bring 3 NSFW sex scenes and mini-stories to life
  • As mysteries build, you determine how far you'll go to protect others
  • Story branches multiply based on your morally complex choices

Chapter 5

  • 1200+ new stylish renders draw you deeper into this living graphic novel
  • 40+ new animations were used in 2 NSFW sex scenes and mini-plots
  • Twists and turns abound thanks to the diverging story paths 
  • Your choices drive surprising, suspenseful developments

Chapter 6

  • 1300+ additional gorgeous renders enhance the expansive storytelling
  • 40+ new animations drive 2 new NSFW sex scenes and mini-arcs
  • Conclusions to storylines approach, based entirely on your decisions
  • The mysteries, relationships, and character fates culminate powerfully

How to Play:

Read through the dialog and narration

When presented with a choice, select one of the available options to progress the story

Your choices will impact the plot, changing future events and ending

Replay to explore different story paths and unlock all the endings

Enjoy the mystery as the dark tale unfolds based on your choices

With immersive storytelling, anime-inspired art, and adult content, Companion of Darkness offers a mature visual novel experience where your choices shape the narrative. Can you unravel the supernatural mysteries and protect those you care for in this thrilling tale? The story awaits your first decision.

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