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Nov 27, 2023
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Visual Novel
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In the visual novel game Nai’s Training Diary Español APK, you take in and tend to Nai, a small child who is the victim of domestic abuse. In a hundred days, you assist Nai in overcoming her trauma, establishing a connection with the outside world, and influencing her destiny via your decisions.

Taking up Nai

You meet Nai one day, a police officer, and she's in terrible shape. You have a hundred days to take care of her. Nai's prior trauma causes her to be fearful of people and to first put up her guard. But you may gradually help her stop being afraid of others and feel comfortable by having regular talks with her and showing her attention.

Play and Advancement  

There are many ways to communicate with Nai throughout the game. You may take her on dates to strengthen your bond, have her perform part-time jobs to supplement her income or educate her to acquire new skills. There are more than fifty events and eleven explorable locales that provide chances to influence Nai's development. Sexual relations open up when your intimacy with Nai increases.  


You have a great deal of influence on Nai's decisions. You may obtain eight different sorts of costumes that influence unique date occurrences. Nai also provides decision-based knowledge, social competence, and other numbers that increase and decrease. Nai's future ultimately rests on the attention and direction you provide her throughout the next 100 days.

Presentation and Artistic Style

Nais Entrenamiento diary employs a realistic anime art style visually. Nai's skillfully composed melancholy grin and her traumatized eyes evoke empathy. In addition to being intricate, the surroundings fully immerse you in Nai's journey toward rehabilitation, depending on the direction you lead her in.

Features of Nai’s Training Diary Español APK

43 fundamental CG, with more than 300 variations:

Simple computer graphics (CG) representations representing important situations and events total forty-three. With over 300 possibilities for every CG, consideration is given to many aspects such as scenery, clothes, and facial expressions. The plot is developed further by this visual storytelling.

Over thirty distinct facial expressions:

Nai may be seen expressing over thirty different facial expressions, such as happiness, sadness, fear, agony, and more. This makes her trauma and changing reactions seem more realistic.

Eight different kinds of costumes:

Nai may dress up as eight different characters, including homeware, swimwear, formal attire, dance dresses, bunny outfits, winter garments, and BDSM gear. Costumes influence specific dating occasions.

20 Different Game Endings:

Depending on whatever tale branch is chosen, there are twenty possible outcomes. The final results probably rely on player decisions, Nai's numbers, the importance of relationships, and other elements. Replayability is boosted by this.

Putting her in her place or destroying her

The gameplay of Nai's Training Diary APK is similar to that of a visual novel with a hint of role-playing mixed in. For instance, you have three options during a talk early in the game. You can give her a soft head massage, choose to ignore her, or be cruel and urge her to strip off! Nai is still mistreated by others even if you have the ability to attempt and rewrite the tale the way you want it to.

There's a statistical system involved as well; you have to monitor both Nai's emotional state and your finances. Nai will initially be in an "upset" mood, however, this might alter based on your actions. She also has a stats panel that shows statistics on dance, stress, knowledge, socializing, politeness, and other things. Depending on how things proceed, they will fill and then empty.

That Depressing Glow

I find Nai's Training Diary Spanish version to be a visually appealing game, but it also bothers me. The game has a realistic anime style that I find appealing, and I believe the artist did a fantastic job not only creating the surroundings but also the characters. Nai is a fantastic figure, and I was even more drawn to her because of the genuine melancholy in her design. This was a pretty smart design decision, and I believe it was done on purpose.

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