Video Bokeh Pixel 3 2022 APK Download

Video Bokeh Pixel 3 2022 APK Download 1.0.75 Download for Android

1.0.75 for Android
Updated On:
Nov 06, 2023
23.1 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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With Video Bokeh Pixel 3 2022, you can record videos with enhanced quality through your Pixel 3 device. Cristian Mihailescu developed this application aimed at helping users create cinematic videos with beautiful bokeh effects.

About Video Bokeh Pixel 3 2022 APK

Real-time depth of field can be adjusted in videos through the Video Bokeh Pixel 3 app. A bokeh effect simulates the look of professional DSLR photos by adding an artistic blur to the background. With Pixel 3 cameras, you can create stunning videos with an easy-to-use interface and optimized settings.

Working Process

Video recordings can be enhanced by modifying the intensity of the background blur with the app's intuitive controls. In order to accurately detect subjects and apply the bokeh effect, it uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Besides choosing blur shapes, users can also choose heart, circle, or rectangle shapes.

Features of Video Bokeh Pixel 3 2022 APK Latest Version

  • Adjustment of bokeh in real-time while recording
  • Slider to control depth within the app  
  • Hearts, circles, and other shapes of bokeh are available. 
  • At 60 frames per second, 4K UHD video is supported
  • Detecting subjects using artificial intelligence 
  • Enhancing bokeh and filtering in post-production
  • Options for sharing and gallery creation


Featuring real-time bokeh control, 4K UHD support, precise subject focusing, and hassle-free sharing, Video Bokeh Pixel 3 APK for Android elevates mobile videography. Regular camera apps can't match the silky smooth bokeh provided by these specialized optimizations.

How to Use

Your Pixel 3 device must have the app installed to use it. You can easily record high-quality cinematic videos by accessing the app camera, adjusting bokeh intensity, and recording high-quality videos. Integrate social media sharing options and add filters.


The Video Bokeh Pixel 3 Android APK features professional-grade bokeh functionality optimized for Pixel 3 cameras. A user-friendly interface and intuitive algorithms make it easy to capture stunning videos.

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