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1.3.2 for Android
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Oct 05, 2023
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Visual Novel
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In Charming Heart APK, frustration, revenge, and redemption blend together in a visually compelling and daring narrative. As a college student, you are caught in a web of gossip and harassment by a group of girls called "The 4 Celestial Angels" in this sensational game. The captivating storyline, engaging gameplay, and many features of this game redefine the visual novel genre for adults. Our unique gaming experience offers intrigue, fun, and sensuality combined with intrigue.


Meet Nut, a college student with a fear of rumors and harassment due to an infamous group known as "The 4 Celestial Angels." False rumors taint his reputation and cast a shadow over his life in college. An enigmatic shop clerk named "Mia," who offers Nut help in this perilous situation, sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.


An immersive and dynamic gaming experience is provided by Charming Heart's latest version. Taking on the role of Nut, players must navigate through a maze of dialogues, choices, and interactions. Players are able to explore different storylines, each offering challenges and rewards that shape the outcome of the game. This highly engaging and replayable visual novel is characterized by the game's interactive nature, which ensures that no two plays are the same.

Features of Charming Heart APK

Intricate Storytelling

With the game, you will be immersed in a story that blends revenge elements with romance and suspense. Players are actively engaged and invested in Nut's story as it unfolds based on their choices.

Stunning Visuals

Artwork and character design are of high quality, enhancing the overall visual experience. There is a lot of life breathed into the story by the beautiful illustrations of the characters.

Multiple Endings

Adding to Charming Heart APK's replayability is its multitude of choices and branching paths.

Sensual Themes

For those seeking a more daring experience, this is a unique and thrilling visual novel with an adult-oriented storyline that explores mature themes.


An unforgettable gaming experience awaits players with Charming Heart APK, a thrilling game of intrigue, suspense, and romance.

Each decision counts in the interactive gameplay, allowing you to replay it endlessly.

Engaging and immersive visuals enhance the overall experience.

For the visual novel genre's traditional fans, the game's mature themes make it a unique and appealing option.


  • Nut Nutsukit (Main character): Every time he attempts to approach Mew, he suffers the harsh judgment of his classmates, who all consider him a pervert.
  • Kwang Kwisra: The public considers her to be one of its favorite angelic idols. There's nothing sweeter than a kitten who wants to play with you, and she's as cute as a magazine model.
  • Bo Boon-Yaorn: The daughter of a huge national family, she is a beautiful angel. The image she presents of her is angelic and her figure is such that any man would swoon at the sight of her, but her hatred of Nut is the contrary of what she seems to be.
  • Pun PunRisa: Among the most popular sports goddesses among young men and women alike. Swimming is Nut's favorite sport, but she must face the violence that lies hidden beneath her mask as she excels at sports.
  • Eve Asuma: The winner of numerous national competitions, this student has displayed stunning talent. Her exceptional intelligence combined with her natural leadership skills makes her an exceptional leader. As a result, she has the ability to influence any other student, including making them dislike Nut actively.
  • Mew Miwaree: An angelic being whom Nut considers benevolent. By being neat, kind, and gentle, she keeps Nut happy and upbeat. Due to this, he falls in love with her and struggles to resist the pressure coming from four other women so that he may be with her.
  • Mia: She offers to assist Nut in taking revenge on the Celestial Angels, a seductive and alluring employee at the mystery shop.


With Charming Heart APK, you can enjoy a captivating visual novel experience that pushes storytelling and interactivity to the limits. In addition to its captivating narrative and dynamic gameplay, it promises to offer an unforgettable experience for adult gamers. Experience revenge, redemption, and romance as you walk in Nut's shoes.

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