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Oct 17, 2023
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5.0 and up
Visual Novel
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Love At First Tail APK is a gripping visual novel with a compelling combination of adult material and plot. Players assume the role of the main character in this innovative adult game, who has returned to his hometown after a lengthy absence. 

His goals are straightforward: to unwind, to see old acquaintances, and to take in the comforting sights and sounds of his birthplace. He has no idea that his well-planned trip is about to be derailed by an unforeseen event. Adult gamers will be captivated by Love At First Tail APK's stunning visuals, hours of action, a wide variety of characters, and compelling language.


Mystery surrounds the protagonist's identity, although he has returned to his village after a long absence. His visit home is designed to be short and relaxing, giving him time to see friends and family. In any case, fate has different ideas. A chance meeting sets him on a path of introspection and discovery.

Throughout the game, players will have in-depth conversations with a wide variety of individuals, building relationships with them as a result. By doing so, consumers have access to the story's racy as well as family-friendly animated sequences.


Love At First Tail APK Latest Version has been carefully created to provide exciting and realistic gameplay. The latest patches improve the game's animations by making them more realistic and fluid. One of the main characters, Lily, now has two new animations. The animations for massaging her body and touching her ear have been vastly improved, making the game feel more seductive as a whole.

Change log

The Form of Lily

The character model for Lily has received a modest alteration, making her seem more complex and attractive.

The Evolution of Tara

We've made some subtle changes to the Tara model that really bring out her best as a character.

The Tale of Lily

Everything that happened to or with Lily has been rethought for more consistency and depth.

Improved Motions

Lily's animations have been fine-tuned to perfection, making her a more compelling and realistic protagonist.

Lily's friendship

The player-character's bond with Lily is strengthened through 10 new, touching friendship sequences.

Passion for Lily

Five new love scenes, each promising intense moments with Lily, have been introduced for those who crave deeper relationships.

Lust Scenes, Revamped

All three of the previous desire scenes involving Lily have been reworked to be more passionate.

Unique Footage

Three additional animated scenes starring Lily have been added, increasing the game's already high level of excitement.

Benefits of Massage

The massage sequences with Lily have been updated to be more sensuous and fulfilling.

Dear Diary: Lily

Now, thanks to Lily's journal, players may get a look into her mind and experience what it's like to be her.


Adult gamers will be delighted with Love At First Tail APK's unique combination of impressive tales, stunning visuals, and exciting action. This visual novel has a compelling story and a wide cast of interesting characters, encouraging readers to go deeper into the plot in search of intimate revelations and thrilling confrontations.

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