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Update7 for Android
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Sep 18, 2023
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5.0 and up
Visual Novel
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Perfect Family APK takes players on a journey into the world of imagination, where dreams become reality and complex relationships flourish. Your journey as an elf boy will bring you face-to-face with friendship, desire, and the pursuit of the perfect family.


In the app, you'll find yourself in a fantastic fantasy world filled with elves and catgirls. The game takes place in the world of an elven boy living alongside friends whose dream is to establish the perfect family together. While the exterior of this family seems perfect, you harbor secret feelings for your housemates, and you've harbored those feelings for quite some time. It may be possible to finally express your hidden desires through the enigmatic intervention of a succubus. Are you going to seize this opportunity to transform fantasies into reality?


Perfect Family APK is a choice-based narrative game that is played with choice-based interactions. As a male protagonist, you'll encounter a world full of diverse characters, each of whom harbors their own unique story, personality, and desire. Your decision will determine the kind of relationships you will have and what direction your adventure will take. Multiple paths and outcomes are available in this Visual Novel/Sandbox game.

Perfect Family APK Features:

Fantasy Realm

A rich narrative and enchanting visuals will captivate you as you are immersed in a beautifully crafted fantasy world.

Complex Relationships

As you explore intricate relationships, you'll interact with characters with varying backgrounds and emotions.

Choice-Driven Storytelling

The storyline changes based on the choices you make, making it replayable and allowing you to customize the experience to meet your needs.

Visual Novel Style

Immerse yourself in an immersive visual novel experience with captivating graphics and dialogues.

Sandbox Exploration

Explore the world, interact with characters, and uncover hidden secrets in a sandbox-style gameplay environment.

A reduction in lesbian activity

Only threesomes with the MC will contain lesbian content. There are some minor things, such as admitting that you have done lesbian things in the past. An act of kissing or groping another girl for the sake of tease.


Que: Can I customize my character within the game?

Ans: While the game's primary focus is on storytelling and relationships, customization options may vary depending on developer updates.

Que: Is there a specific order to follow in the game, or can I explore freely?

Ans: The game combines a guided narrative progression with sandbox-style exploration, offering a balanced and engaging gaming experience.


Discover an enchanting world filled with romance, desire and a quest for the perfect family in this enchanting world. With Perfect Family APK, you'll experience a unique gaming experience you'll never forget.

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