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0.9a for Android
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Nov 21, 2023
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5.0 and up
Visual Novel
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A simulation game based on the famous cartoon Doraemon, this is an interesting game. Playing this game will be even more exciting and enjoyable because of the variety of challenges that it offers.

About Dickmon X Mod APK

This visual novel-style mobile game focuses on the Doraemon story in the game. A captivating storyline, interesting characters, and various interesting features make this game intriguing.

A more mature story will be told in this Doraemon game. The game will become more interactive and interesting as a result.

Playing as Nobita, the main character of the game, will feel like being in an anime. Nobita's movements are fully under your control, so you can carefully follow the storyline.

During the game, the main character must complete certain goals or tasks. You can choose from a variety of tasks according to your preference.

Also, this game offers a helpful help feature that gives players a hand with mission completion. Having such a feature in a game will avoid boredom, of course.

There will be a level for each job done in relation to the story. As well as doing the normal things you do in everyday life, you can also do various activities.

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Features of the Dickmon X Android APK

It is a free application that comes with interesting features. Players are meant to experience a more enjoyable and interactive gaming experience through this development.

Characters and cards are intertwined in this visual novel-inspired game. A story will be developed under your control as the main character.

This game offers a number of features that should be understood before you begin to play. In the Doraemon X application, you'll find the following key features.

Availability of Many Characters

Doraemon's story involves several key characters with whom players must interact in order to achieve goals and missions. In addition to Doraemon, Nobita, and Mum and Dad, the story also features many other characters.

In the game, every character plays an important role in every mission. Other characters' interactions with the mission's target will produce different results for each mission.

Games with complete characters provide a more varied playing experience. Our ability to interact with these characters and complete missions helps us explore the story.

Not boring storyline

A benefit of this game is the fact that there are complete characters, which gives the storyline a complete feel. There are several interesting storylines to be discovered as you complete each character's mission.

There are a lot of interesting things you can find in it, so as a player, you won't get bored playing. Games based on visual novels will be distinguished by this uniqueness.

Complete Interesting Missions

It is important to know about the different levels in Doraemon X Mod APK for Android. This level feature will allow you to start new missions every time you reach a new level.

The challenges you must overcome will vary depending on your ability level. Playing this game is so much fun because of this.

Get the Prize

Obviously, without prizes when you complete missions or reach certain goals, a game would be very boring. Every time you successfully complete a mission, you can receive a prize.

In the Dickmon X Mod APK latest version, the gift feature will increase its appeal. Your hard work will be rewarded with attractive prizes every time you complete a mission.

A prize will be awarded if you successfully complete the task as an object or money in the game. As you play, these objects can be exchanged for other things you need.

Meet other characters and socialize with them

Our main character will interact with other characters in this game in various ways. Since Nobita is the main character, we must understand her wishes.

We communicate for a purpose when we communicate. In order to fulfill others' desires and help them, it is important that we learn what they want.

With this game, you can choose from a variety of language options to make conversations easier. It is up to you to choose which language best suits your needs.

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